Core Transformation

Core Transformation NLP therapy in Kent


Core Transformation was developed by Connirae Andreas one of the leading trainers and authors of NLP.

The process is based on the premise that behind every negative behaviour there is a positive intention. Often people talk as if a “part” of them is running a behaviour. “A part of me gets angry with him”, “a part of me wants that cake”. Sometimes it’s as if we are dealing with mixed feelings, like opposing magnets. We can reject those parts of us when we feel ashamed at our behaviour. The more we reject those parts the more fragmented we can become.

Instead of trying to push away negative thoughts and behaviours you will learn to work with those parts of yourself and transform them into allies moving toward a sense of wholeness. This is a beautiful non judgmental way of learning to make peace with yourself. It is where your limitations become the doorway to states often called “inner peace, love or oneness”. By uncovering your core state you will begin to live more and more from that core nature that is truly you.

Core Transformation is not about will power, discipline or positive thinking. It is a natural easy process that connects us with our core self. The process can help you with emotional issues, habits and old behaviours, relationships, self image and development and a general sense of wellbeing.

Core Transformation prices:

1.5 hours is £60


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