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Our beautiful valley and woodland creates a nurturing place for the human soul. Surrounded by forest with buzzards and skylarks flying above it creates that perfect sense of calmness.


I run private and group retreats. For private retreats please see the prices page. See sample group retreat menu.


Private Retreats – Nature and Wellbeing

Switch off your devices and get into the rhythm of nature!

You can choose from:
Bi Aura Energy Therapy retreat
PSYCH-K retreat
NLP Core transformation retreat

Or simply mix it up retreat and choose 2 different therapies.  All retreats include advice on EMF hygiene and there is an example price guide on the prices page.

Ground Yourself in Nature is my motto so as you spend time here you are encouraged to engage yourself in your surroundings. Feel the earth under your feel, sense life and movement, cook some food on the fire pit, breath in the fresh air and the healing phytoncides. Gain a feeling of connection and empathy for nature, listen to the songs of the birds and the buzzing of the insects. Leading to a deep sense of connection to the whole essence of life.

Summer Retreats

Iyengar Yoga and Qi gong Friday 7 to 9 August 2020

When you arrive everyone hands over their devices, phones, ipods, fit bits (anything but a standard watch). This is your time to just be, gain self awareness and have fabulous fun with others.

Over the 3 days and 2 nights the camp will create a sense of community and connection. This will be a small camp of around 15 people.

There are several camp options starting at BYO tent up to having a fully furnished private tent or shepherds hut. There will be composing toilets and showers. In our new cabin there is a wood burner to keep everyone snug if need be in the evenings. The valley is low EMF so when your devices are switched off your body will experience the earth’s natural frequency which is pretty rare nowadays.

All food is provided and is healthy and detoxing in nature but don’t worry it will be filling as I for one do love my food! There will be healthy but indulgent raw cake for afternoon tea. (see the link above for pictures of the food).

If you are someone who is apprehensive about meeting others I really encourage you as this space will be one where you will feel nurtured and part of a group.  People with EHS are very welcome and very much understood.

Optional therapies

Our team are here to offer a variety of therapies including: Bi Aura, Reiki and massage if you would like to give yourself an extra treat while you are here.

Tea and cake upon arrival 4pm
Yoga session, dinner and then evening Qi gong

Light fruit breakfast, yoga session, fuller breakfast, Qi gong, lunch, afternoon yoga, dinner and evening Qi gong.

Light fruit breakfast, yoga session, fuller breakfast, Qi gong session and farewell lunch


Prenatal Retreats

I run private and group retreats.

Group retreat (next date to be confirmed)

Come and enjoy a relaxing and informative afternoon with other future parents on our idyllic farm near Elham.

We will discuss current tech habits and how they affect our wellness. We will also discuss the very important issue of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) hygiene and how we can take steps to protect ourselves and our families.

During the afternoon you will learn how to:

• Become aware of how your own wellbeing is being affected.
• Rein in the tech use for balance in your life
• Give your child the connection they need to gain empathy and social skills.
• Be there for your partner and child
• Be able to make informed decisions about your child’s contact with the digital world and devices.
• How important the connection to nature is for wellbeing
• Experience a simple meditative technique to be used anywhere
• Experience a demo of e-smog. Hear what it actually sounds like!
• Practical ways to reduce e-smog in your home

Enjoy a mindful stroll around our private valley and woodland and of course the all important tea and cake!

Price £20pp or £35 a couple

Contact me for payment by bank transfer.


If you would like to come and stay in one of our shepherds huts to enjoy our beautiful farm other than the detox camps then you can by going to