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Hi my name is Hannah and below is my beautiful family.

My family and I live on a farm in Elham Kent,  Mark is the farmer and I run our glamping business and therapy sessions.

10 years ago I was training as a solicitor when I became ill with environmental illness. My life took a complete turn which has lead me to where I am writing this page! I am truly grateful for my change of direction and to find my real passion.

about digital detox retreatTexting Queen that’s what I was named by new partner farmer Mark when we met in 2008

His comments were “texting again” “You’re always on that phone” as I was perched up against the kitchen door trying to get a signal. I use to think “what do you know Mr never had a phone in your whole life farmer!”. When I met Mark I was 29 and he was 32 and he had never owned a mobile phone. Of course to me this was utterly ridiculous, how could anyone possibly live without one! Quick as I could I organised a trip to a phone shop for him to purchase his first one. At last he was contactable all the time when I needed him. Now he was (as my mother would have said) “with it!”.

I use to take my phone everywhere with me. I use to think walking with my dogs was time for catching up with a few people via text. When I was sitting waiting for an appointment, in a queue in the court halls I would bury my head in my phone. It was like a safety blanket I could nuzzle into when I didn’t want to make eye contact or speak with other people. I could connect to people I knew and quickly receive a comforting text, familiarity was a quick fix.

If I left the house without my phone it would feel like a part of me was absent that day and I would be concerned on what I was possibly missing out on. Who had contacted me? They would wonder why I hadn’t returned their texts!



Hannah of Digital Detox Retreat and family in Costa Rica

2010 I began to live the digital detox

I bought my first mobile phone age 21. It was then I use to experience strange heating sensation to the side of my head my phone was against. I dismissed this as anything odd and continued using a mobile phone for many years.

It was after receiving high exposure UVB light treatment at hospital and working next to a big telecommunications tower that my life began to change. I became extremely sensitive to fluorescent lighting and some computer screens. This made going to public places and work very difficult.

I began my training contract in a law firm with amazing bosses Tony and Andy who fully sympathised with my condition. Even though I could control my immediate working area in the office, courts, prisons and police stations all had the lighting that would trigger considerable pain and fatigue. In 2010 I could no longer continue my career.

Things escalated to other environmental factors including phones and other TV and computer screens. So at the beginning of the smart phone era, apart from use of a computer with help from an LED projector I had practically begun to live the digital detox.

In 2012 when had my second beautiful child, smart phones had become the norm. This is when at the park I noticed parents holding smart phones completely submersed in another world. I would notice as children climbed to the top of the climbing frame looking back if mummy saw only to see the joy of accomplishment melt and turn to disappointment on a child’s face. This became common behaviour I would observe every time I went out. It was as if I was “out of the movie”.

For this awareness I am eternally grateful.


Here I am now in 2018 having made good progress with my screen sensitivity and being aware of how easy it is to get lost in the laptop but with the gift of awareness I have choice.

Due to my experience I feel massively passionate about helping others manage their tech time and share my knowledge of EMF hygiene. I especially wish for future parents to read this and do their own research so they can get the balance and knowledge needed before the littles ones come along.

At my most challenging time point in 2013 I found a glimmer of hope in the Dynamic Neural Retraining System where I flew to Switzerland for the training. I spent a year and a half calming my amygdala which is the fight or flight energy centre of the brain. During this time my curiosity in therapy began. This took me on a journey to become a Core Transformation Coach and Bi Aura Bio Energy Therapist and a Chakradance Facilitator.

From Lawyer to mind and body therapist has been just the right fit for me and due to my experience gained in the therapeutic sphere I am passionate in helping others gain balance and wellbeing in their lives.


Throughout my healing journey I have gained experience of working with a variety of therapies including NLP Core transformation and Bi Aura energy healing. I offer sessions for clients in a separate space in our cabin on the farm.
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