Biofield Energy Healing (Bi Aura)

Biofield Energy Healing Bi Aura therapy in Kent


Bi Aura is a form of energy healing. Energy healing has been practised for thousands of years in the Far East and India. The premise of energy healing is that everything in the universe is infinitely connected and that this connection is through energy.

Bi Aura Biofield Energy Healing at our treatment studio in Kent near Canterbury, Folkestone and Dover
Bi Aura Biofield Energy Healing at our treatment cabin in Kent near Canterbury, Folkestone and Dover


This energy is a combination of universal and earth energies. Often referred to as schuman resonance and Chi or Qi.

The human biofield is made up of this energy and there are points in the biofield known as chakras. These act as receivers and transformers distributing the Chi through the body through pathways known as meridians. A healthy system is one where there is enough flow to regenerate the system.

During our early life we start to collect information that determines our programming. Over the years these experiences and programs we collect will govern the way we use our energy.

There are also other things that may degrade our biofield such as environmental toxins, parasites, surgery, vaccines, foods.

The way we hold information in our system whether that is through our programming or external stressors effects how the energy moves through our chakras and around our body and biofield. If the energy is incoherent then it will create imbalance in the energy matrix.

During BA sessions the client remains fully clothed but removes glasses, shoes and jewellery. Clients stand (if able) for part of the session whilst other techniques are conducted with the client in a seated position on the therapy couch. The practice of BA is very fluid as the practitioner creates a flow of movement around the client’s biofield.

My job as a Bi Aura Practitioner is to energise, clear and balance the client’s field in order to facilitate the persons own healing. Of course the client has to take steps personally towards their own wellbeing and as practitioner we will discuss the client’s lifestyle and what may be contributing to the imbalances.

Sessions are carried out in a structured format of energising, detoxing and balancing the client’s biofield. There are a variety of techniques and each session is tailored to the client’s specific needs. A min of four sessions is firstly recommended due to working with the different levels of energy and to support the client’s healing journey between the sessions.

After completion of the block of sessions client’s can opt for top up treatments as and when they feel it’s required.

Single sessions – If you are here for a weekend break you may opt to experience a single session or alternatively if you are staying for a few days there is also the option of having a few shorter sessions.


What you may experience during BA treatment

A variety of experiences may occur during a BA session as part of the process of stimulating the energy and releasing. Clients report an overall feeling of relaxation. Some see colours or gain intuition and others may feel various sensations. Emotions may also rise and that is fine as it’s all part of your own healing process.

I personally find Bi Aura a powerful yet nurturing therapy and really enjoy being able to bring this experience to others.


Bi Aura prices:

1 hour is £40




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