Core Transformation

Core Transformation NLP therapy in Kent


As a Core Transformation Coach, I welcome you to step into a therapeutic space where healing can take place.

The understanding of Core Transformation is that behind every negative thought, feeling or behaviour there is a positive intention. Often people talk as if a “part” of them is running a behaviour. “A part of me gets angry with him”, “a part of me wants that cake”. Sometimes it’s as if we are dealing with mixed feelings, like opposite magnets. The more we reject those parts of us the more fragmented we become.

During our sessions, instead of trying to push away what you don’t want, I guide you to access your inner resources which we call core states. This is where your limitations become the doorway to states often described as a feeling of being, oneness, wholeness.

Accessing your core states can transform unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours in powerfully resourceful ways, giving you an expansive view and choice from old patterns. Core transformation is not about will power, discipline or positive thinking, it is an easy natural process that connects us with our core true self.

The positive changes that you will experience extend to your overall emotional and mental wellbeing. This can reduce the impact that stress has on your body and mind, naturally contributing to a happier life.


Core Transformation price in person or Zoom:
1.5 hours is £60
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