Nature and wellbeing retreat

Private retreat

digital detox retreat in Kent


Our beautiful valley and woodland creates a nurturing place for the human soul. Surrounded by forest with buzzards and skylarks flying above it creates that perfect sense of calmness.


Currently I offer 1 on 1 (or up to 2 people) Private Retreats 

Switch off your devices and get into the rhythm of nature!

Ground Yourself in Nature is my motto so as you spend time here you are encouraged to engage yourself in your surroundings. Feel the earth under your feel, sense life and movement,  sit by or cook some food on the fire pit, breath in the fresh air and the healing phytoncides. Gain a feeling of connection and empathy for nature, listen to the songs of the birds and the buzzing of the insects. Leading to a deep sense of connection to the whole essence of life.

Chakras and Goats

If you love the funny characters that goats are you will love this retreat spending time with our fabulous Golden Guernseys and Saanen goats, Custard, Mustard, Carrot and Parsnip.  We will take them for daily walks, cuddles and grooming.

Choose to relax with a massage  or Bi Aura in our beautiful treatment cabin.

In the evenings we will have a Chakradance session.

Your accommodation will either be in one of our shepherds huts for Lotus Belle Stargazers

Meals included:

Breakfast smoothie, lunch and dinner.  All meals will be healthy and wholesome.  Dietary requirements catered for.

Price  example for 2 nights £445.  For different lengths of stay email me your requirements.

Simply Goats

Same as above without Chakradance.  Lots of time walking and being with the goats and spending time in beautiful nature.

Price example for 2 nights £385



If you would like to come and stay in one of our shepherds huts to enjoy our beautiful farm other than package retreats then you can by going to